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Ningbo Planning Bureau £¨Ningbo Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation Bureau£©is the functional department to manage urban planning and mapping for the government of the city. Main functions include five aspects, which are to examine and permit urban planning, to manage and supervise the implementation of urban planning in planning zone of the city, to grant certification of site identification for construction project, planning permission of construction land, and planning permission of construction project, according to law, to be responsible for mapping management in the city, and to direct management of urban and rural planning in the city ¡­¡­¡­

NingBo Planning Bureau£¨Ningbo Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information Bureau£©is the functional department of Ningbo Municipal Government, charging the whole city¡¯s plans.
General Affairs Office
Organization and Personnel Department
Ordinance Supervision Department£¨Office on Letters and Visits)
Administrative Approval Department
General Planner¡¯s Office
Planning Editorial Department
Comprehensive Management Department
Municipal Engineering Management Department
Regional Planning Management Department
Mapping Management Department£¨Office of Aerial Remote Sensing, Geo-information Management Department£©
Party Committee of Government Organization
Inspection Department